On the road with "Cactus" and Miss Joan

Shoe Polish George, KD4CFO

Posted in Uncategorized by k4ymb on June 26, 2014

Dear Folks,

I hope all you Daddies have had the best day ever… It sure has been a great day here for O’ "Cactus" and Miss Joan’s place… My whole bunch were here and we had the best time….

Speaking of a great day, I talked to Shoe Polish George, KD4CFO, and Jo Ann this afternoon and they too had a house full of love ones… I think he said about 25 of the kids,

grandkids and great grandkids, 3 dogs, 2 cats and a goat made it the best Daddy’s day ever….

We were talking about all the rain, so George just had to brag a little on his garden…….

Now these are going to be just fine….

Silver Queen; I hope… My favorlite….

It want be long…

George’s best friend….

Check out these big boys….

Soon to be on the table….

What a wonderful day for George and Jo Ann…. and his Family… The goat too!! Hi Hi..

Hope to see all of you at Stan’s next month… "THE BIG" July party…

I love you all,



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