On the road with "Cactus" and Miss Joan

Hello from Stans06-14

Posted in Uncategorized by k4ymb on June 26, 2014

Dear Folks,

Miss Joan, Ken, NJ4C, and I really enjoyed the ride and this day at Stan’s. Andy, W4SQE, and I had a good time and productive time discussing the Tennessee CW traffic net… All of this should come together this fall and the CW net should be better than ever… Let’s all get our keys oiled up and have a good time this fall and winter on 3.562 MHZ @ 19:00 CST….

I believe we had about 25 or so at the party and all had the best time….

Let’s get on with the pictures….

Driving up at the same time, John, WB4ENB and Rebecca, N4IZK

met Miss Joan and me in the parking lot.

Ken, NJ4C took the picture..

Riding in style, Roy’s, KJ4BPN trike…

Ron, KE4KO, comes tooling up on his "REALLY" home made trike.

Ron designed and built it all.. Check out the fenders..

Mr. Net Control, Wheatie, NY4O and his Sweetheart Sheila.

"THE" main attraction…

Water Meter Jim, K4WMJ and Roy, KJ4BPN…

Fred, N4MFD, Ron, KE4KO and Joe, WB4CXU looking back.

Here are the party makers… Bob, K4CTT, Ken, KJ4C

and the "Rail Road Man", Bruce, AJ4VF….

Andy, W4SQE giving Ron, KE4KO a copy of the CW code..Hi Hi..

And Fred, N4MFD saying, " he sure needs it" !!!!!

My two best Sweethearts, Brenda KK4CJG and Wade, KJ4WS;

our other 3980 Net Control….

Buddy, KA4DLW and his Sweetheart Mimi….

No matter what the occasion, the happiest couple at the party..

Glenn, K4AVA and his Sweetheart Judy.

Call the Law!!!!!!

Buddy, KA4DLW, Roy, KJ4BPN, me, K4YMB,

Ron, KE4KO, Ken, KJ4C and Fred, N4MFD

Talking it over, Miss Joan, My Sweetheart, Judy, Glenn’s, K4AVA Sweetheart

John, WB4ENB, his sweetheart Rebecca, N4IZK and Barbara, Andy’s , W4SQE, Sweetheart.

They are having a good time…

Now here is a good picture of Water Meter and me that Miss Joan took….

That is Joe in the back ground saying, "Don’t you believe it"

Two men of many talents, Ted, KS4MH and John, WB4ENB..

Rail Road Bruce, AG4VF and Glenn, K4AVA talking it over….

John, Rebecca greeting Andy and Barbara

making sure Andy has lunch.. Hi Hi…

Folks, Ron, KE4KO now has a halo……

Andy and Wade looking over the Morning net roster…

Happy crowd…..

The last of the crowd, Andy and Fred checking out Ron’s machine….

Honestly Folks, I think this has been one of the happiest Stan’s ever.

All just happy to be able to be here…

So until next time, which will be our "BIG" July get together next month,

We love you all,

"Cactus" and Miss Joan

PS… Ken says, he loves you too……


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