On the road with "Cactus" and Miss Joan

Back from Cedars of Lebanon

Posted in Uncategorized by k4ymb on August 31, 2009

Dear Folks,

It is so wonderful, when we are in the beginning rolls of winter, to be able to enjoy the best times of our years….

All of us for the past 9 days at Cedars of Lebanon really enjoyed the “Real” life…

img 0394

And night time gives us a very special peace…

img 03951

And of course when we get back home,

we check out our new maters …

mvc 077f

and antennas and cats and kids…

We love you all,

“Cactus” and Miss Joan

Smores at Cedars of Lebanon

Posted in Camping by k4ymb on August 30, 2009

Dear Folks,

We all had the best time having fun while the girls made us all smores…. For those who might not know what smores are….. You put a marshmallow on a stick and catch it on fire using George’s campfire, then you put it between a quarter piece of a Hershey’s bar and a graham cracker and good good… Of course they will make your blood sugar go up some…

So until next time,

we love you all,

“Cactus” and Miss Joan

img 0395

Hello from Cedars of Lebanon

Posted in Camping by k4ymb on August 30, 2009

Dear Folks,

We all are having the best time eye-ballin’ around George’s camp fire while here at Cedars of Lebanon State park.. Just like it use to be…..

Here we are left to right..

Gail, Charlie,KO4G, Buddy,AE4RR, Shelby, Pat, K3PAT, Jo Ann, KD4OEM, George,KD4CFO and me, K4YMB

Seated, Arlene and Adrain, K4BWL


K4WWN Off Air For A Short While, see photos

Posted in Ham News by k4ymb on August 30, 2009

Hey folks, will be off the air on HF for a few days/or weeks until I pick up another radio…late Friday afternoon, after all the weather was over, I took a lightening hit. Lightening hit the telephone and cable lines and got into power also…as usual, I had almost everything disconnected…ALMOST…the FT-990 was disconnected from power, no ground connected, antenna connected to dummy load, BUT, I left wattmeter in line and the wall-wart connected to AC, that radio is history. On the IC-775, was disconnected from power, antenna was disconnected, BUT, computer was connected and the sound card adaptor was connected to the radio…so that one is history…Repeater was connected to AC, Tower and Ground system, single point ground system and the tower…it blew the TrippLite Isobar to pieces providing AC to the repeater, BUT, as it should have been, reconnected AC to repeater, off and running, even the battery clock never lost a second…some photos below…was an interesting day, took me about 7 hours to re-wire AC circuits that were affected…

howard, K4WWN



Above & below, Tripplite connected repeater…

jAbove, you can see where telephone drop attached to house…


What’s left of telephone interface box…


Above & below, second surge protector wall wart to watt meter was attached

Below, AC leads in conduit goint to Tripplite…

Hello from Gladesville09

Posted in Hamfest by k4ymb on August 30, 2009

Dear Folks,

What a perfect day for the HamFest at Gladesville.. We all had a great time looking around and eye-ballin’.. I have not found the faces with a few calls, so bear with me.. I met, Bill, W4RCA , Gordon, K4BZT, Howard, W4LYR and many others fine folks that I did not know and enjoyed meeting all of them… The gals in the snack bar really did a great job with all the food … Bar-B-Q and all….. I think the folks of the Short Mountain Repeater group did another great job making this year’s HamFest at Gladesville a success..

So here are some of the pictures..

Eddy,KD4MFH, ahead of the line AJ4HN, Herschel came all Bone Yard was busy. A lot of And war surplus
in the bone year. the way from KY land old stuff..

My friend Brad, N4PYI, and I had “Ant”Bruce,AG4VF and my Cedar City had a good show. Dave, N4OZO and George KD4CFO
the best visit. CW friend, Dave, N5EEI. have a great time…

brad n4pyi

bruce ag4vf dave n5eei

cedar city

dave n4ozo george kd4cfo

Pretty good crowd.. Dub, N1WG and George, KD4CFO


dub george

Ed , KJ4AXR, all smiles, like his, I enjoyed meeting George, WC4Z And our friend Jack, W4OWX
daddy, N4FTV.

ed kj4axr

george wc2z

jack w4owx

Glenn, W4BDB doing his thing…

glennw4bdb arrl

Ariel, K4AAZ and his Sweetheart My friend Steve, KD4TFN Bob, KG4NVX havin’ a gud time. Ted and Holly’s little boy
Skip, KA4YTS. from Huntsville says “Hello”. Mat, KG4WXX

k4aal ariel sweetheart skip ka4yts

kd4tfn steve

kg4nvx bob

kg4wxx mat

One of the very best net control operators I know..

This is Jerry, KB4VEL, 3980 night time..

kb4vel jerry

Steve, N1LHW, doing his thing A happy ham, Frank, N3TGM. Now here is a man of many And of course here’s Ken
That is a potato gun beside him Talents, REALLY !! N4HWL
that will clear a 375 ft. tree… Lloyd, N4FTV

n1lhw steve

n3tgm frank

n4ftv lloyd

n4hwl ken

This is the famous Tennessee Contest Group Look what Don, N4ZZ has done…

tennessee contest group

n4zz don

Ron, W4RDM and Sweetheart, Kathy, KD4COF
selling their wares…

ron w4rdm kathy kd4cof

Good Job Folks…

short mountain repeater club

Ted and Sweetheart Holly My CW friend Larry, W4APH And lookie here.. Waxo, Bill, Sam, WB4CSQ and I had a
make the party complete.. W4WXO.. Now folks, Waxo good visit….
is a real trooper.. He came to the
party in a cab…no less!!!!!!!!
ted and holly

w4aph larry

Larry, WB9AZQ and Harold, N1HA
left Jim, W4RRE at the Dairy Queen.

Well Folks,

This is Gladesville 09..

I hope I have not messed up on many of your names….

I love you all,


What a day in Huntsville Ham Fest

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I’m still testing the message email program.


Dear Folks,

We all had the best time today ( Saturday ) at Huntsville.. I talk to hundreds enjoying the show.. I am not going the even begin to put names and calls on all these folks… So please forgive me… I believe this is largest crowd ever at Huntsville… So here we go with the pictures… You may be in some of them…..

Check out the bone yard which was in the main Arena….

Standing room only…..


The Commercial Venders were in the North Hall..

I might add… I believe the North Hall is at least 3 miles from the main Arena,

We all walked our OLD feet OFF !!!!


Ted Randall’s LIVE short wave Radio Show was a big hit…

Ted and family are real professionals…

Nobody does this as well..


Well… Now….

Here are some of the hundred or so pictures I took today …

I think I was the only one who stopped by….

Ten-Tec had a good show..

Of course as always.. My friend Tom Morgan was doing his thing…

“And what a day”!! says Andy, W4SQE and friend Arriea..

And me too.. What a day of fun in Huntsville…

If I can get out of bed tomorrow,

I will send some more fun of the Sunday event !!!!

I love you all,


Check out Captured Photo Collection » The 65th Anniversary of D-Day

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Dear Folks,

This is a meaningful reminder of the our Brave and their sacrifice.

Subject: Check out Captured Photo Collection » The 65th Anniversary of D-Day

Captured Photo Collection » The 65th Anniversary of D-Day on the Normandy Beaches Photos

Hello from “Cactus”

Posted in Uncategorized by k4ymb on July 2, 2009

Dear Folks,

You all thought was I was joking…

Check these ol’ boys out from the swamp….

img 0169


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